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How JEC can help treat Anxiety with CBPM

May 16, 2024
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How JEC can help treat Anxiety with CBPM

CBPM is proving to be an effective, safe medication for anxiety with a lower addiction profile than benzodiazepines.

Depending on the severity, presentation and lifestyle of the patient, CBPM can be prescribed in different ways to support their symptoms.

For those that require relief in the daytime but are worried about being overly sedated, we can treat them with low THC, high CBD formulations that can be used throughout the day, with either no, or minimal sedation. These can be in the form of flowers for vaping or oral preparations, which can give longer-lasting symptom control.

For those more experienced with CBPM, higher doses of THC can be used during the day, balanced with either oral or vaped CBD, to balance out the effects of the higher levels of THC.

For those patients that can tolerate indica's during the day, there are lots of options that we can use in either vaped or oral formulations. The risk of sedation with indica's needs to be carefully considered. However, they are good at managing panic attacks, either arresting them completely or reducing their duration and impact. They can also be useful for treating extreme agitation and restlessness that come with anxiety experience.

Indica's are also very effective at helping with insomnia that can result from anxiety and so are more commonly used in the evening to either support patients to decompress at the end of the day or to facilitate sleep.

With any medication, there are potential risks and side effects; unfortunately, CBPM can worsen anxiety for some. This is often dose-related and due to THC being taken without CBD. If you are worried, you should speak with your CBPM prescriber, who can answer your questions and talk you through the risks and benefits to help you decide if CBMP is right for you.

Ultimately, if taken in the right way, at the right dose, CBPM is proving to be a lifeline for those suffering from anxiety.

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