I am honestly blown away with the care that has been given to me since joining up with Jorja. The customer service staff are on the ball and respond really quickly with any questions I have. The consultation I had with Roha was lovely. I was nervous but I really felt heard and she just understood where I was coming from. I'm now awaiting the delivery of my first prescription, but so far - everything has been A+++! Thank you!


Jorja Emerson have been amazing. Nothing is too much trouble. The people who answer the phones and emails are wonderful. I feel like I’m part of the process. Everything, from booking appointments to making repeat prescriptions, is really easy to understand. Anything I haven’t understood has soon been explained in easy terms to me either by phone or by email. My GP is asking me to stop pain meds before I’m settled on the script leaving me in a lot of pain. The daytime flower I’m using was good with the Tramadol but doesn’t touch it as well now it’s the only medication. Instead of making me wait two months to speak to someone they’ve organised for me to do so asap and this once at no extra cost! I really can’t thank the team enough!


Amazing clinic and staff. The doctors are knowledgeable, kind and understanding of chronic pain and neurodivergence.


Had a consultation with Dr Luisa Searle. Very professional, calm and understanding. We had a long chat and it came over that she really cared. She gave lots of useful advice and went above and beyond to help. Would recommend.


Amazing service so far. Dr Luisa Searle really helped me feel reassured and helped me further understand my condition and symptoms. Highly recommend


Dr Luisa, the best! Always nervous about the face calls but feel at ease and relaxed speaking with Luisa, always giving me good advice and very helpful with everything I have to ask! Thank you


I have been seeing Dr Luisa Searle for just under a year now she is always very helpful and positive. It is obvious that she cares deeply for her patients and is very passionate about helping them with their problems, but also celebrates their success. The service she has provided has been absolutely life changing for me, and I would recommend it to anyone interested.