Everyone I have spoken to so far have been extremely helpful and understanding. Dr Tang was lovely, he was very compasionate and understanding of my circustances, and not only helped me with getting my prescription for chronic pain, but also gave me some advice regarding mental health.


I was delighted to talk frankly with a doctor not wedded to pharmaceuticals. Dr Tang clearly understood the problems incumbent with chemotherapy damage and pharma poisoning. My mind and health are now at rest. Thank you.


Had a consultation with Dr Luisa Searle. Very professional, calm and understanding. We had a long chat and it came over that she really cared. She gave lots of useful advice and went above and beyond to help. Would recommend.


Spoke to Dr Tang today who listened to my history. I found the consultation extremely thorough and informative. It was very refreshing to talk to a doctor that doesn't want to prescribe yet another pill. I look forward to receiving my prescription and try a more organic approach to manage my pain. Let the green journey begin!


Amazing service so far. Dr Luisa Searle really helped me feel reassured and helped me further understand my condition and symptoms. Highly recommend


Dr Luisa, the best! Always nervous about the face calls but feel at ease and relaxed speaking with Luisa, always giving me good advice and very helpful with everything I have to ask! Thank you


I have been seeing Dr Luisa Searle for just under a year now she is always very helpful and positive. It is obvious that she cares deeply for her patients and is very passionate about helping them with their problems, but also celebrates their success. The service she has provided has been absolutely life changing for me, and I would recommend it to anyone interested.


I am a spinal patient with severe pain, and have been treated by Dr. David Tang for a year now. I cannot recommend him highly enough! Not only does he listen to what is working for you, he makes himself available to you despite a very busy schedule to answer any questions and make any needed adjustments. To br honest, I never thought I'd go down the cannabis route, but my GP cutting my pain medications by 75% made it necessary. It really works on your pain, on your mood, and on your overall health. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, Dr. Tang gets a 12 in my book, going way above and beyond for his patients. He is the doctor to see if you're in pain! I am so grateful for the blessing that is Dr. Tang!

Alexandra Cook


I had my initial appointment with Dr Tang in Feb 2022 which I was very nervous about being new to medical cannabis however Dr Tang's relaxed approachable way had calmed me almost instantly. His knowledge about medical cannabis and the applications to a lot of medical issues was nothing short of incredible and I felt in very capable hands within the first 10 minutes. I do feel and have always felt like Dr. Tang has a very genuine want to help and he takes his work and patients incredibly seriously and my health has never been managed as well as Dr. Tang has managed mine.


United Kingdom