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Lewis Capaldi Takes Break from Touring to Prioritise Mental Health

September 27, 2023
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Lewis Capaldi Takes Break from Touring to Prioritise Mental Health

Scottish singer Lewis Capaldi has decided to take a break from touring to focus on his mental health. Experts, including charity trustee Genna Barnett and Dr. David Tang, support his decision. They acknowledge the challenges Capaldi faces due to his Tourette's Syndrome and commend his courage in addressing his well-being.

Capaldi's recent performance at Glastonbury, where he had to cut his set short due to his condition, highlighted the impact it has on his ability to perform. The physical manifestations and emotional toll of Tourette's can be distressing and painful. Taking an extended break will allow Capaldi to prioritize self-care, manage his symptoms, and come back stronger.

To read more about this news and gain deeper insights into Capaldi's journey, you can find the full article

Let us support Lewis Capaldi during this time as he focuses on his well-being, and applaud his decision to prioritize his mental health.

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